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Call For Entries 201425-Aug-2013

Call For Entries in the 2014 Mietta Song Competition will be announced in mid September 2013. Register your interest HERE (/2014-competition)...

And the winner is22-Jul-2012

The First prize, the Mietta Prize $5,000 was awarded to twenty-four year old Victorian soprano Siobhan Stagg. Stagg is also the recipient of The O...


Mietta Song Competition has a limited number of CDs by past winners of the Competition. They are (full details of songs below):

Louise Page sings Richard Strauss
John Heuzenroeder sings Mozart
Adele Johnston sings Wagner & Korngold
Melanie Duncan American Songs

CD prices are $17.95 (Plus $5 postage) for each CD.

To purchase the CDs please contact (insert email)

Louise Page sings Richard Strauss

Die Nacht (Night) 2'55"
Befreit (Released) 5'07"
Cacilie! (Cecelia) 2'22"
Morgen (Tomorrow) 3'57"
Einkehr (Visit to an inn) 3'08"
Du meines Herzen Kronelein (My heart's little crown) 2'00"
Stanchen (Serenade) 2'43"
Muttertanderlie (Mother's crooning) 2'38"
Allerseelen (All Souls Day) 3'00"

Leider Op 48
Freundliche Vision (Enchanting vision) 1'57"
Ich Schwebe (I float) 2'09"
Kling! (Resound) 2'31"
Winterweihe (Consecration of winter) 2'31"
Winterliebe (Winter's love) 1'40"

Drie Ophelia Lieder Op 67
Wie erkenn ich mein Treulieb 2'39"
Guten Morgen 1'25"
Sie truhen ihn der Bahre bloss 3'26"

Funf Kleine Lieder Op 69
Der Stern (The Star) 1'48"
Der Pokal (The Goblet) 1'14"
Einerlei (Sweet sameness) 3'02"
Waldesfahrt (Woodland Journey) 3'36"
Schlechtes Wetter (Bad weather) 2'11"

John Heuzenroeder sings Mozart

An die Freunde KV 53/47e (To joy) 3'21"
Wei Unglucklich bin ich nit KV 147/125 1'10"
Oiseaux, si tous les ans KV 307/284d 1'32"
Dans un bois solitaire KV 308/295b 3'17"
Lied fer Freiheit (Song of Freedom) 2'07"
Der Verschweigung (Silence) 3'59"
Das leid der Trennung KV 519 (The song of parting) 4'53"
Lied zur Gesellenreise KV 468 (Traveller's song) 2'48"
Verdankt sei es dem Glanz KV 392/340a 2'21"
Sei du mei Trost KV 391/340b 2'48"
Ich wurd auf meinem Pfad KV 391/340c 2'28"
Des Kleinen Friedrichs Geburtstag KV 529 (Little Frederick's birthday) 1'53"
Das Traumbild KV 530 (Vision in a dream) 3'12"
Das Veilchen KV 476 (The violet) 2'23"
Die Zufruedenheit KV 473 (Contentment) 3'02"
Die Betrogene Welt (The world deceived) 2'43"
Abendempfindung an Laura KV 523 (Thoughts at eventide to Laura) 5'02"
An Chloe KV 524 (To Chloe) 2'41"
Warnung KV 433 (416c) (Warning) 1'41"
Der Fruhling KV 524 (Spring) 1'46"
Das Kinderspiel KV 598 (Childsplay) 1'13"

Adele Johnston sings Wagner & Korngold

Richard Wagner
Tout n'est qu'images fugitives (Soupir) (Everything is only fleeting images) j.Reboul 2'07"
Meine Ruh ist hin – Gretchen's Leid (My peace is gone) Goethe 3'08"
Der Tannenbaum (The fir tree) G. Scheurlin 3'00"

Trois Melodies
Dors, mon enfant (Sleep my child) 2'38"
Mignonne (Darling) P. de Ronsard 2'59"
L'attente (Anticipation) Victor Hugo 1'46"

Gruss seiner Treuen an Friederich August den Geliebten (Greetings of his faithful to Friederich August the beloved) Richard Wagner 6'13"

Funf Gedichte Von Mathilde Wesendonck (Five poems by Mathilde Wesendonck)
Der Engel (The angel) 3'25"
Stehe Still! (Stand still!) 3'40"
Im Treubhaus (In the hothouse) 6'26"
Schmerzen (Agonies) 2'34"
Traume (Dreams) 5'23"

Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Sommer Op 9 No 6 (Summer) S. Trebitsch 2'49"
Liebesbriefchen Op 9 No 4 (love letter)Elisabeth Honold 3'01"
Gefasster Abschied Op 14 No 4 (Resigned farewell) Ernst Lothar 4'15"
Sternbelied Op 14 No 1 (Dying Song) Christine Rosseti Kerr 4'42"
My Mistress' eyes (Sonnet CXXX) Op 38 No 5 William Shakespeare 2'53"
Unverganclichkeit )p 27 No 1 (Release) Eleanore van der Straaten 2'54"

Songs of the clown – Twelfth Night Op 29 William Shakespeare
Come away Death 2'28"
O Mistress Mine 2'51"
Adieu, Good Man Devil 0'45"
Hey Robin 1'02"
Adieu, Good Man Devil 3'40"

Melanie Duncan American Songs

Domenick Argento Six Elizabethan Songs
Spring Thomas Nash 1'37"
Sleep Samuel Daniel 3'22"
Winter William Shakespeare 1'40"
Dirge William Shakespeare 3'32"
Diaphenia Henry Constable 2'01"
Hym Ben Johnson 3'51"

Samuel Barber Melodies Passageres Rainer Marie Rilke
Puisque tout pass 1.31"
Un Cygne 2'09"
Tombeau dans un parc 1'57"
Le clocher chante 1'57"
Depart 1'52"

Aaron Copland Twelve poems of Emily Dickinson
Nature, the gentlest mother 4'00"
There cam a wind like a bugle 1'34"
Why do they shut me out of heaven 2'24"
The world feels dusty 1'52"
Heart, we will forget him 2'29"
Dear March, come in 2'11"
Sleep is supposed to be 2'54"
When they come back 2'06"
I felt a funeral in my brain 2'22"
I've heard an organ talk sometimes 2'06"
Going to heaven 2'33"
The chariot 3'21"

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