Mietta Song Competition Rules

Purpose of the Mietta Song Competition

The Mietta Song Competition promotes the performance and wider appreciation of Art Song in all its diversity.

Format of the Competition

  1. All entrants are auditioned nationally by a preliminary audition panel.
  2. Dates and venues will be advised after close of applications
  3. Applicants selected to perform in the competition will be advised within 14 days from the completion of auditions
  4. Semi-finalists present programs of not more than twenty minutes each before an audience and the Judges.
  5. Finalists present programs of between twenty and thirty minutes each before an audience and the Judges, who then make their decision.

As a complementary activity, Master Classes are held in the week of the competition. All semi-finalists are encouraged to participate in the classes.

Judging Criteria

The Judges will take into account the special characteristics of Song Recital as an artistic partnership between singer and pianist and will consider:

  1. Understanding of the genre
  2. Choice of material.
  3. Musicianship.
  4. Technical competence.
  5. Rapport with the audience.
  6. Versatility in program.
  7. The Judges' decision is final.
  8. No correspondence will be entered into.
  9. Judges may, at their discretion, withhold or vary any or all of the prizes without explanation.
  10. In the event a winner is unable or unwilling to fulfil their prize obligations, the prizewinner(s) must notify the Committee within 30 days of the competition final. The Committee reserves the right to rescind and/or re-award any or all prizes.
  11. The Competition reserves the right to rescind, modify or add to any of its rules and conditions and the Competition committee's interpretation shall be final.

Repertoire for the Audition Program

  1. All songs presented must have been composed for the voice and piano, or arranged for voice and piano by the composer.
  2. All songs presented must be sung in the original language.
  3. Operatic or concert arias or extended dramatic scena are not acceptable.
  4. Audition entries in the MSC must meet the following criteria:
    • The entrant must present a set of three contrasting art songs.
    • The set must be sung in at least two languages, one of which may be English.
    • Each song must be from a different music period, chosen from: Classical, Romantic, Late Romantic/Impressionist, Contemporary.
  5. The entrant will sing one song of their choice and at least one other chosen by the audition panel.
  6. A song cycle may not be included in the audition program.


Entrants are required to have their own accompanist. If selected for the Competition, a different accompanist may be used. A list of Melbourne-based accompanists can be provided on request.

How to Apply

Entries must be received no later than the approved date at: The Mietta Song Competition
PO Box 1075 
Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Please Note

No Audition CD is required as auditions will be live.
Entrants will be notified of the audition time and place after the close of entries.

Entries must include the following

  1. A completed application form, must be submitted. Application forms are available on the MSC website.
  2. A list of the songs to be presented for audition, as specified in the Repertoire section above. English texts of each song, and identification of the authors of translations should be clearly marked with your name and emailed to msc@miettas.com.au.
  3. Brief written CVs of singer and accompanist, including dates and details of any future engagements.
  4. An Entry Fee of $75 payable to the Mietta Foundation, in the form of cheque or credit card (see entry form). Entry fees are non-refundable except in the event of cancellation of the Competition.

Requirements for the Semi-final and Final

Texts and photographs

  1. Within 14 days of notification of selection for the Competition, semi-finalists must submit in electronic format:
  2. The list of songs to be performed in the semi-final and final, including duration and the key in which they will be sung.
  3. Texts and English translations of all songs included in the semi-final and final programs, with acknowledgement of authors of translations.
  4. Photographs of both the singer and accompanist. Songs presented in the audition program may be repeated in either the semi-final or the final, but no song presented at the semi-final may be repeated in the final.

Semi-final program

  1. Total performance time must not exceed 20 minutes.
  2. Songs must be in more than one language.
  3. An Australian song must be included in either the semifinal or final program.

Final program

  1. The program is to be chosen by the finalist.
  2. Total performance time must not exceed 30 minutes.
  3. No song presented in the semi-final may be repeated in the final.

Publicity and promotion

Semi-finalists and finalists are expected to be available for publicity before, during and after the Competition.

Proposed audition dates will be posted on the MSC website and Facebook page.

Click here for advice to entrants, here for frequently asked questions and here for the key dates.